Jeremy Corbyn chooses terrorists over Brexit meeting with British PM

by Leah Rosenberg

The Brexit debate in England is the main issue in the country today. However, Theresa May makes it perfectly clear right to the face of her opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, that terrorists should not be his comfort zone.

It is a sad reality that in today’s day and age, serious leaders of the West sometimes prefer to cozy up to dictators and anti-Israel agitators. This was not always the case.

England’s Leadership and the Arabs in Israel

Throughout the 20th century, the United Kingdom has gradually gone from an international empire to an essential country in Western Europe. Before World War I, and after World War I, the English Navy was one of the most powerful military forces in the world. They dominated waterways all around the world – not only near England. However, at the dawn of World War II, the German U-boats put up a formidable fight in the Atlantic Ocean, and the British Navy was for once – in a tough battle to secure it’s shores.

In the great aerial Battle for Britain, some brave British pilots succeeded in pushing back the German Air Force sufficiently. This was one of the key battles in World War II. It bought the British sorely needed time. That allowed the British to rearm with American money and goods. Moreover, it allowed Churchill more time to bring the United States into the battle against the Germans.

Brave or Weak in the Face of Evil

The British leadership – under Churchill was brave in the face of evil. But, before World War II, Chamberlain was weak in the face of evil. After the war, most of England’s leaders were weak in the face of evil once again.

Jeremy Corbyn appears to be more than just a weak leader. He seems to be ideologically in sync with the anti-Israel Arab narrative. This is a new level of wrong-headed leadership in the West. Let’s hope he loses his power soon.

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