The real City Of David proves Israel’s critics wrong

by Phil Schneider

Today, you can walk on the same exact stones that King David walked when he walked towards the location that would be the Temple. In 2004, they found the ancient pool of Silwan. It was probably the largest ritual bath that was used on the way up to the Temple.

There is even a podium from thousands of years ago where people could get up and speak to the masses at the pilgrimage.

The archaeology is simply astounding.

United Nations Condemn Jerusalem Archaeology?

There is a clear reason to oppose archaeology. The validation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – thousands of years ago – as it is today – is proven more than any other way by the City of David archaeology.

Mike Huckabee, a true friend of the State of Israel, understands that the ties between the United States and Israel are not merely ones of security and interests.

It is based on the Judaeo-Christian Ethics. These all go back to King David, the Bible, and the ancient Hebrew tradition that was based in Jerusalem and the Temple.

Arab Incitement
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