Hamas is burning Israel, and there is NO international outrage!

by Leah Rosenberg

Where is the international outrage as Hamas destroys the livelihood of Israeli citizens? Why does the world yell “murderer!” at Israel for killing terrorists, but says nothing when Hamas destroys Israeli land with arson kites?

Hamas’ Kite Terrorism

Hamas has come up with a new strategy, and the world is silent. They send arson kites over the border that burn and ruin the livelihood of Israeli citizens. What Hamas has done has destroyed 6200 acres of land in Israel. They have destroyed more than 1800 acres of food. That is more land than any human being can even fathom. It’s equivalent to 22 Disneylands. To 1363 football fields. To 2 central parks. Crops have been completely obliterated, land demolished. The lives of Israeli citizens have been ruined.

Where are the cries of those who care so much about feeding hungry people? Because Hamas has destroyed food to feed the hungry. Where are the cries of the environmentalists who care so much about the Earth and the land? They seem to only care when the land is not in Israel.

“Disproportionate Response”

The U.N. is looking into the deaths of those Israel killed. All you hear about is Israel’s “disproportionate responses” to defending itself against terrorism. How is that possible? How can anyone be so blind and miss the reality? It is so clear who is right and who is wrong. How would any other country respond? Would they let their citizens and their land be destroyed?

Those who blame Israel are siding with terrorists. Hamas is a terrorist organization, and they are not hiding it. So why can’t the world see that?

The only answer to the absurdity of blaming Israel is anti-Semitism and a complete bias against the one, tiny Jewish state. It is so obvious that Israel is fighting terrorism. Ignorance can no longer be an excuse. Any person can easily see the truth.

If they care to.

Arab Incitement
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