The flashmob in Ben Gurion Airport that caught EVERYONE’S attention!

by Leah Rosenberg

Imagine stepping off a plane at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. You get your luggage, and as you walk through the airport to leave.  And then, you experience the most awesome flash-mob performance EVER!

Ben Gurion Airport

You might think of top notch security when you think about Ben Gurion Airport. That’s probably what comes to mind for most people. When you enter and leave the airport, there is security that you know and don’t know about.

So you can imagine how surprised the airport goers were when they were confronted with such a professional and entertaining flashmob!


150 dancers, singers, and musicians from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance took part in this flashmob. They did it to welcome participants of the Birthright program. Birthright has many different programs, and this one had participants who have never stepped foot in Israel. What a welcome this was!

Birthright Israel arranged the flashmob. Aside from welcoming the Birthright participants, they organized the performance for Israel’s 70th birthday as well as Birthright Israel’s 18th anniversary.

What’s even more magnificent is the amount of Jews greeted by this flashmob – over 2,000 Jews from all over the world!

Flashmobs in Israel

It’s not uncommon to have flashmobs in Israel. Israelis love to have fun – anytime and anywhere. Even in an airport! Sometimes, the flashmob will be on the Jerusalem light rail and involve people singing hatikvah. Other times, it might not even be considered a flashmob. But Israelis will just randomly dance together in the streets without knowing each other! Whatever it is, it’s beautiful to see Jewish people coming together to put smiles on the faces of all those watching.

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