Imagine being on the light rail in Israel and hearing THIS!

by Leah Rosenberg

There’s always something interesting happening on the light rail system in Israel. And when you’re going about your day and you hear Israel’s national anthem out of nowhere, you will definitely want to listen.

Israel’s Light Rail System

One of the best improvements in Israel over the last decade has been its Jerusalem light rail system. Its path goes from Har Herzl cemetery all the way to Heil Ha’avir. It stops throughout central locations, such as the central bus station, the center of town, and the Western Wall. The light rail is fast, efficient, and convenient.

Israel’s National Anthem

Israel’s national anthem is “Hatikvah” –  “The Hope.” The original text was a poem by Naphtali Herz Imber and was later adapted to create the song that so many sing today. Naphtali Herz Imber probably never imagined that his poem would be sung by Jews in Israel on a train! The Jewish people have come so far to have their own national anthem AND to sing it freely in their Homeland. Jews from a hundred years ago would do anything to sing a national anthem in a homeland!

Flash Mobs throughout Israel

Many people have witnessed the various flash mobs that have taken place across the country. Whether it is dancing or singing, it is always entertaining. And this performance of Hatikvah was something spectacular! As people were just going about their business, the magic started. It started with one voice and ended with many singing together. Singing Israel’s national anthem on the light rail created a sense of unity that everyone present could feel. How beautiful is that?



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