Europe is committing suicide, and here is how it happened

by Avi Abelow

It’s that simple, Europe is self-destructing. It is committing cultural suicide. British author, journalist, and political commentator Douglas Murray explains why.

Lost Faith in Itself

According to Murray, Europe basically lost faith in itself! The European elite have lost faith in their beliefs, their traditions and even in Europe’s legitimacy. They have failed at everything that they touched. Each generation they try to recreate Europe to become a society to be proud of, and they believe they have continuously failed. They also feel guilty for the atrocities that they are historically responsible for, especially for colonialism and the Holocaust.

Instead of trying to save itself from the current wave of violence, terror and intolerance that the massive Muslim migrants have brought, they have given up. Murray believes that the European elite have given up in trying to save the continent. Instead, they have willfully decided to let the new population of Muslim migrants change Europe.

What is Happening?

After World War II, European countries were short on workers so they brought in temporary workers from the Middle East and North Africa. But those temporary workers turned into “permanent” because they enjoyed their Western livelihoods and nobody asked them to leave.

As Barbara Roche, British Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration between 1999-2001, said so eloquently “removal takes too long, and it’s emotional.”

Then came the mass migration of 2015 of millions of Muslim migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

Had all these temporary workers and migrants actually wanted to acclimate into European culture, there would not be a problem today. But, as Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron admitted back in 2011, multiculturalism has failed and Europe is becoming Eurabia.

The following statistic says it all. By 2017, the most popular boy’s name in England is Muhammad.


Traditional Europeans are not the only ones suffering from Europe’s self-destruction. The Muslim migrants and workers who truly want to enjoy the European culture and want to leave the violent and intolerant Muslim societies behind are also suffering.

It is hard to believe, but some of the immigrants believe in the gifts of the Enlightenment more than the European elite themselves. Some have even left, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. After serving in Parliament in the Netherlands, she immigrated to America because Europe is no longer safe for her. Egyptian German Hamed Abdel-Samad as well. His life is constantly threatened by fellow European Muslims because he defends European values.

What Will Happen?

The question is where will all this lead? Are we about to witness the end of Europe or its rebirth?

Col. Kemp

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