University of Maryland discriminates against pro-Israel professor

by Michael Sax

It’s not just students who face a hostile anti-Israel campus environment. This college professor explains why she was fired from her job for supporting Israel.

Professor Melissa Landa

Melissa worked at the University of Maryland for more than ten years. Most recently, she was assistant visiting/clinical professor at the university’s Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership. Landa was recently fired. She says the reason is because she was pro-Israel. In fact, she has filed a Title IX complaint with the school alleging wrongful termination on the basis of religion, national origin and political views.

A proven record

Melissa Landa is an excellent teacher. She received two awards from the college for her work. She received one of them just a month before she was fired.

Israel Activism

Melissa Landa accepted an affiliate professorship at the University of Haifa. This would make a statement against potential academic boycotts of Israel. She also became involved with a group of faculty who oppose the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. She spoke at the group’s 2016 conference. It now seems apparent that people took notice of her pro-Israel actions and didn’t like what she was doing.

It was during that same time that Landa said she began feeling antagonism from her superiors. One of her former mentors asked her not to hang an Israeli flag in her office. Other university officials made all sorts of claims against her. Then the university fired her.

Melissa Landa’s former students are supporting her 100%. They published a letter in the school newspaper and called for “reversing this careless decision and bring Landa back to this university.”

College campuses

Anti-Israel attitudes on college campuses have grown to horrific levels. Pro-Israel students don’t feel safe and others harass them. Professors are not safe either. While pretending to a be a place of learning, these college campuses are proving to be a place to attack supporters of Israel. College campuses are turning into dangerous places where people feel scared or unable to express themselves.

Col. Kemp

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