Listen to what this Lebanese woman has to say about Gaza

by Michael Sax

Brigitte Gabriel doesn’t hold back as she tells her thoughts on Gaza. If you really want to know who’s responsible, check out what she has to say. Make sure to press the volume button on the lower right side of the video.

Brigitte explains the truth about Gaza

The fact is that Israel pulled out of Gaza more than a decade ago. Arabs in Gaza got land for themselves (although the Palestinians aren’t the real owners, but that’s a whole other discussion). Yet instead of developing the land, they built rockets and attacked Israel. When Israel pulled out of Gaza, Israelis hoped for peace yet instead the opposite happened.

Who is Brigitte Gabriel?

Ms. Gabriel was born in Lebanon. When the Lebanese civil war broke out, Islamic militants launched an attack at a nearby base, and one of the rockets destroyed her family’s home. As a result, she and her family were forced to live in an underground bomb shelter for seven years. She was only ten years old when she lost her home. Her life was saved by the Israeli army. Additionally, when her mother was injured and taken to an Israeli hospital, Gabriel saw firsthand that Israel treats Muslims and Jews equally. Gabriel knows the truth about Islamic violence firsthand and her opinion is extremely important. While most people sit and watch the events unfold on TV, she lived it.

When will there be peace?

Gabriel states one of the most important factors for peace. That is, that arabs must learn to love their children more than they hate Jews. Many arab parents hate Jews so much, that they teach their children to kill Jews. Firstly, it is wrong to kill. Secondly, this robs the arab children of their innocence. And last, the murderers, young as they are, may likely get killed in the process. All of this happens because the arabs hate Jews and want to kill them even more than they love there own children. Shame. Yet because of their vile hatred, Jews have to live in the very real fear that one day they will be attacked by Islamic terrorists.

Col. Kemp

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