College Jewish Groups Denied “Minority Rights” Membership on Campus

by Leah Rosenberg

When the University of Virginia’s Minority Rights Coalition is discriminating against Jewish groups, you have to wonder what their real goals are. What is becoming of college campuses across America?

What is the Minority Rights Coalition?

The Minority Rights Coalition (MRC) is an organization at the University of Virginia whose goal is to represent marginalized groups on campus. They established themselves on the fictitious idea that minorities have less rights in modern America. There are clearly already red flags surrounding this organization.

Shouldn’t the MRC be All-Inclusive?

Well, they are not. In fact, they discriminate. It seems kind of counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? A group that aims to represent minorities actually practices bias policies against…Jews. Yes, The Jews. A Jewish group called the Jewish Leadership Council requested membership from the group, and they were denied. And why were they denied membership? Because one of their 5 groups known as Hoos for Israel. Hoos for Israel’s goal is to educate the students at University of Virginia about Israel’s politics, culture, and history. Is that such a crime? It is if you don’t want Jewish groups joining your organization.

The Truth Hurts

The Minority Rights Coalition claimed: “Many students under the MRC umbrella believed at the time that HFI [Hoos for Israel] operated in a way which made these students feel concerned and unsettled.”

What are they “concerned” and “unsettled” about? The fact that the truth goes against the propaganda that they spread? They do not want a pro-Israel group to be a part of their organization. That sounds pretty bias…

The New College Campus

College Campuses seem to be on a spiral downward with all the mistreatment. But the ones who are crying out “discrimination!” are actually the ones who are doing the discriminating and who are controlling and manipulative.

When the world will wake up and realize this, maybe something will change.



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