Street Dancing Israeli Style – With a Twist of Goodness at the End

by Tova in Israel

Israel News:

My heart burst for joy.
A smile spread across my face.
My eyes started to tear up.
The pure goodness was beautiful.

Picture this:

I’m in Israel, in Jerusalem.
I’m in the heart of the world.
And then.
Out of nowhere a painted van and its loud, upbeat music comes driving slowly down one of the busiest most vibrant streets in all of Jerusalem:
Right along Agripas street at the top of Jerusalem’s outdoor market, Shuk Machane Yehuda.
2 guys clad in Hassidic garb with big white kippot jump out from the van.
The van comes to a stop.
Blocking traffic.
But no one was bothered. No one is honking in annoyance.
Then all of a sudden the dancing began.
The guys pulled stangers into the street to dance.
But really at that moment, no one was strangers.
We were all one nation.
One family.
Everyone coming together to bring joy, love, and excitement to the streets of Jerusalem.
The dancing gave me goosebumps.

Another level

But then something even more magical happened.
Are you ready to hear this?!
An elderly woman was pushing her handicapped husband down the sidewalk just at that moment.
All of a sudden, all the dancing guys surrounded the man in the wheelchair.
They lowered down, began to clap and cheer for him.
The energy was palpable.
The spirits of everyone watching were high. My heart melted.
Tears of happiness trickled from my eyes.
This was happiness.
This is what the Na Nach Nachman MeUman guys do.
I was thrilled to capture this in photos and video.
I wish I would have been able to bottle the goodness of that moment forever.

May we always be blessed to be around goodness like this. May we all be blessed to be the ones to bring goodness like this to the world.

Perhaps this is not only an Israeli phenomenon, but it is quite unique.

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