The Story of the Muslim Imam Who Stopped Hating Jews

by Avi Abelow

In this video Muslim Imam Tawhidi shares his personal story of how he stopped hating Jews.

Imam Tawhidi is an Iranian-born Iraqi scholar of Islam. He is one of a select few – Muslims who are publicly calling out the Islamic world to reform with the times.

His story is so simple, yet so fascinating. Tawhidi explains how the Muslim society he was raised in basically just teaches them to hate Jews. It is that simple.

What caused the change?

The episode that changed his attitude towards Jews actually is an interesting story.  Tawhidi once was offered very much needed help by a Jew, yet Tawhidi turned him down. Not once, not twice, but many times. Tawhidi had the fortitude to look back upon that episode and question it. Why did he say no so many times to offered assistance that he really, really needed? But even more so, he allowed himself to ask the even more deep question.  He asked himself, why did that Jew keep offering to help?  Even after he rebuffed him time after time, not with a polite ‘no’, but with hatred towards him, since he is a Jew.

Fortunately, Tawhidi awoke from this episode and now no longer hates Jews. It affected him so deeply, that he now speaks out openly against Jew – hatred, and Israel-hatred.  These two twin traits are so pervasive in Muslim society.  He wants to change that.


In a recent facebook post by Imam Tawhidi, he is extremely clear in calling out the bad in Islam that must be reformed:

“This is what Australian Imams – who the Grand Mufti doesn’t label as “Unrecognized” – are preaching to Muslim youth behind closed doors in Australia. From this we understand that: If you rape, murder, and commit all evil, it will be ignored by Allah as long as you pray, because those who don’t pray are worse than rapists and murderers “in the eyes of Allah.”  Look at the wall-clock and the time this ideology is being preached, it’s in the evening so that Muslim youth go home to sleep and wake up with this extremist content on their minds. It’s like everything they learn in school gets wiped out from their minds by the end of the day. But it’s the peace-loving Imam Tawhidi who should be assaulted and silenced.” – Imam Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi is someone that the Western elite, politicians and media, should be focusing on, to help Muslims and all of us. Yet, so many people shun Tawhid.  This once again shows that political correctness leads so many to defend the wrong people.  Instead,  the people calling for an end to evil in the name of Islam ought to be defended.

A Call to Action

As you can clearly see, Imam Tawhidi is someone we should be following, listening to.  We should spread his messages. The future of humanity demands that Islam reform itself.  Otherwise, we will continue to have to deal with Jihadi Islam hell bent on either killing all the infidels or dominating over us, in a Sharia led governing system.

It’s time our so-called “liberal” brothers and sisters wake up and realize that they should be supporting Imam Tawhidi.  We have to STOP screaming ‘Islamaphobia’, a catch term created to actually protect the evils taking place in the name of Islam today, against all of us, Muslims included.

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