Netanyahu’s PERFECT response when challenged about Gaza

by Avi Abelow

Prime Minister Netanyahu defends Israel’s military measures against the Hamas protesters on the Gaza border.

The world’s silence

The world is silent against the terror Israel has to live with, but vocal in criticizing and defaming Israel for defending herself.  Instead of focusing on the horrible terror that Hamas uses. Instead of ostracizing them for their horrendous method of abusing their own civilians as human shields. The world prefers to criticize Israel’s military for her defensive measures.

When was the last time a Western country had to deal with a terrorist organization, or an enemy, pushing masses of civilians to destroy a border fence, to then have terrorists enter their territory to kill them?

What would Britian do in such a case? How about France? Germany?

A government’s first responsiblity is to protect it’s citizens. That is the basic social contract between elected officials and civilians. More important than job creation, more important than health care. The most important responsibility of any government is to protect the lives of its citizens, NOT to protect the lives of terrorists and their human shields.

Israel and the IDF behave in the most humane way as possible, possibly more humane than any other country in the world. What other country would use live ammunution as a last resort? What other army would have strict rules of engagment that first only allow shooting terrorists in their legs? How many countries would expend resources on warning the enemy to NOT approach the border fence so as not to endanger themselves?

This is what Israel is doing to warn Gazans to NOT approach the fence.

This is the hard work that the IDF sniper unit is doing to avoid deaths as best as possible.

Israel knows that each dead Gazan means another news cycle of Israel bashing in the world media. Hamas actually wants some of their people to be killed because it makes Israel look bad.

World Wake Up

It’s time for the world to wake up and support Israel in our fight against our Muslim enemies. If they haven’t realized yet, all the terror methods used against Israel are then used around the world.

Muslim terrorists used car bombings in Israel, then they took it around the world. They then started car ramming attacks in Israel, and then brought them to the rest of the world. Now they are using mass marches on border fences. How long do you think it will be before terror organizations start mass marches on other borders?

As Prime Minister Netanyahu responded in this video

“If you are successful in finding non-lethal means, I would be the first one to use it.”

This is how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded when he was publicly challenged on the killing of Hamas protestors in Gaza.

“Why couldn’t you use rubber bullets? And why couldn’t you shoot at their legs in extreme situations? Why did you have to kill them to stop them from scaling the fence?”

Netanyahu responded that what Hamas is doing is a double war crime. They use their own citizens as human shields to then kill innocent Israeli civilians. They force Israel to try to attack terrorists, dressed as civilians, hiding behind civilians. Unconsciousable. Yet the world is silent about this.

The world should be crucifying Hamas, not Israel.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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