WATCH: IDF Snipers take down Gaza Terrorists on Another Day of Mass Rioting

by Avi Abelow

Approximately 10,000 Hamas inspired rioters gathered in five locations along the Gaza Strip security fence on Friday. IDF snipers were busy and stopped some of the terrorists.

This is a video compilation that Hamas sympathizers are pushing. Two things are clear from this video. The IDF has officers pointing out who the snipers should shoot at, and who approve each and every shot. That is why before the shots we hear the Hebrew word “Rashai”, or ‘approved.’  Also, it is clear from all the shots that the IDF snipers are aiming for their lower body to neutralize the terrorists, but not to kill them.

(Not all of these sniper shots were from this Friday.)

Friday’s Riots

The rioters on Friday burned tires, hurled grenades, pipe bombs and rocks at the IDF troops. They also launched burning kites, with explosive devices attached.  These explode in the air and the burning objects attached to them ignite Israeli fields on fire.

IDF troops responded with riot dispersal means and operated in accordance with the rules of engagement. When necessary, the IDF snipers were used as well.

The IDF protected the security fence and defended Israeli civilians in the surrounding communities from attempted terror attacks.  Many of the riots are less than 1 mile away from Israeli communities.

IDF Warning Gazans

The IDF used various methods to warn Gazans from approaching the border fence and endangering themselves.

The army also dropped leaflets on the Gaza Strip Thursday morning, warning residents not to approach the fence or try to attack Israelis.

“Residents of the Gaza Strip! Greetings, and may Ramadan bring you blessings,” the leaflets said. “A wise man considers the results of his actions in advance and chooses the action whose benefits outweigh the costs. If you consider this with regard to approaching or crossing the fence, you’ll reach the conclusion that this act isn’t worthwhile and is even harmful.”

The leaflets also urged Gazans “not to let Hamas turn you into a tool to serve its narrow interests. Behind these interests stands Shi’ite Iran, whose goal is to inflame the region for the sake of its religious and ethnic interests. You shouldn’t let Hamas turn you into its hostages, so that it can reap political capital at the expense of the welfare and future of Gazans in general, and young Gazans in particular. To avoid harmful results, we urge you not to take part in demonstrations and anarchy and not to put yourself in danger.”

Open Air Prison?

Turkish television recently aired a program on the Gaza. The program is eye-opening. The mainstream Western media is pushing the Hamas lies about Gaza “under siege”, as an “open-air prison” and a “concentration camp”. Watch the video and tell us what you see.

Arab Incitement
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