The Arab Muslim who is willing to die for Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Why would an Arab Muslim choose to serve in the Israeli army? No, he is not required to do so the way the Jewish people in Israel are. So why would he die for a country that the world claims treats him unfairly?

The World’s Claims are False

The world and the media claim that Israel is an apartheid state. They say that Israel treats Muslims unfairly. But Mohammad Kabiya knows the truth. He knows that Israel is a democracy. It’s a free country that gives equal rights to people of all faiths. If Mohammad, an Arab Muslim who lives in Israel is saying this, then it must be true. He does not feel like his country discriminates against him. And that is why he is willing to serve in the Israeli army and die for his country.

Mohammad Kabiya’s Background

Mohammad Kabiya grew up in a village named for his family’s Bedouin Arab tribe. When he was a teenager in 2002, it was a violent time. “Palestinian” suicide bombers were blowing up Israeli citizens. Whose side would Kabiya be on? He was an Arab Muslim – could he possibly be on Israel’s side? As the question lingered in his mind, he saw men from his village wearing IDF uniforms. He wondered why they chose to join the Israeli army when they weren’t forced to. Their answer of it being their home did not convince him.

The Realization that Israel is His Home

Kabiya came to the realization that Israel is a free country whose goal is peace. No other Arab country gives as much freedom to Arabs as Israel does. After high school, he went to a top Israeli University, Technion. Within his first semester, Hamas launched continuos rocket fire into Israel. Of course, Israel had to defend itself and attack back. His fellow students supported Hamas and the rocket fire going into Israel. As Kabiya said, “Did these students not understand that those rockets could just as easily be aimed at them? Hamas didn’t care who they killed as long as they landed inside the borders of Israel.” And so, he decided to drop out of college. Why? To serve in the Israeli army.

So, that is why an Arab Muslim would be willing to die for his country, Israel. Because Israel means freedom, democracy, equal rights, and everything else that Mohammad Kabiya wants in a place he considers his home.

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