Gaza terrorists are destroying the land of Israel and Environmentalists are silent

by Michael Sax

Hamas terrorists have a new way to attack Israel. This may be their most dangerous attack yet. The new weapon is cheap, easy to use, can hurt people, and damage property and nature. Click the volume button on the lower right side of the video for sound.

How terrorists attack Israel

Terrorists are using everything in their arsenal to attack Israel. They started with knives and guns. Then the Islamic terrorists placed bombs in public places. They also strapped bombs to their clothing and walked into crowded areas and detonated them. This killed as many people as possible, and also the bomber.

Gaza terrorists

In Gaza, the situation is different. Israel set up a defensive wall, and so it is more difficult for suicide bombers to get through. But that’s not to say that they don’t try. Hamas sends terrorists to climb over the wall or cut through the fence, and Israeli Defense Forces on patrol stop them. However, the terrorists are always thinking of more ways to kill Israelis.

Evading the security wall to attack Israel

Gaza terrorists have found at least two ways to get around the border. The first method involves tunneling under it to arrive at Jewish communities and kill Jews. This is not just in the planning stage, the Muslim terrorists have already dug many tunnels into Israel. Thank God, the Israel Defense Forces found the tunnels and destroyed them before terrorists could use the tunnels.

Attacking people and nature

The second way around the fence is for the radical Islamists to use kites to drop improvised explosives over the fence and into Israel. These kites are extremely dangerous. They appear innocent, but they aren’t. Furthermore, the improvised explosives have started massive fires in Israel, destroying property, land, nature, and posing a lethal risk.

This new form of terrorism is causing untold damage. Kites may seem like child play, but these are deadly and it isn’t a game. How would you react if someone dropped a firebomb on your home? That is what Israelis are up against.

Col. Kemp

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