Final Call of Exasperation to His Left-Wing Friends

by Avi Abelow

A friend of mine shared the following very important Hebrew facebook post. I translated it into English for English speakers to get a deeper understanding of our situation in Israel today, a deeper understanding of the situation not reported by the establishment media.

It is a final call of goodbye to his left-wing friends, whose actions prove that they have no true understanding about democracy.

I decided to end my part in the mud-slinging war going on on Facebook about the judicial reform. A few months ago, after a break in silence of a few months, I decided to begin being vocal due to my feeling that an entire camp does not see the abyss into which we are deteriorating. I hoped that presenting a different position, which uses polite language and non-extremist positions, would also bring people from the other camp to similar behavior.

I was wrong.

The words of the Supreme Court justices today as part of the discussion of the law to remove a Prime Minister, according to which even basic laws are subject to court review, led me to the conclusion that democracy is dead, whatever the outcome of the discussion. (It was the Supreme Court, under former Chief Justice Aharon Barak, that created the basic laws and established the legal formula that basic laws can’t be reviewed by the Supreme Court, yet now they are doing exactly that)

This post does not pretend to be balanced. I’m done being balanced and also pointing out my critique of the government’s failures. I’ll manage without the other party’s three likes for expressing a critical position towards the government.

This post is for you, bro, people of the left/protest/resistance/boycott Bibi Netanyahu/D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y screamers, or however you want to be identified.

You don’t really want democracy. You have forgotten what democracy is what framework democracy works, due to the deep hatred you hold for those different from you – the ultra-Orthodox, the religious, the right-wing, the Netanyahu supporters, etc. You have surrendered to the crazy brainwashing that the media channels, the legal system and the protest group led by Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Dan Halutz and all their sponsors.

In a democracy, the people choose their elected officials and their government. The minority is not entitled to carry out a de facto revolution when they don’t like the election results or the actions of the elected government.

In democracy there are checks and balances. The Knesset legislates, the government executes and the court examines their actions in accordance with the law. Not above the law. Certainly not above basic law.

You, and especially the jurists among you, have lost all professional integrity by lending a hand to the crazy hubris of the judicial authority that has actually taken over the sovereign and allows itself to act without any source of legal authority.

In the Israeli democracy and the nation-state of the Jewish people, the army is a necessary element for our existence. You who given a hand to the destruction of the People’s Army, you have damaged the supreme value of IDF reserve duty. All in the name of “protecting democracy”, you are responsible for the enormous damage we are experiencing as a society. The verbal maneuverings of “stopping to volunteer” for IDF reserve service (instead of the real term “refusal” to serve) will do none of us good when we are given the command to show up and serve. The pilots who forgot that, also forgot what happened to Icarus when he flew too close to the sun.

You don’t want democracy, because if that were the case you would support the protest within the limits of the law. You would not use violence, not harm the freedom of movement of your neighbors, not by ruining national symbols and national memorial ceremonies, and not by slandering those who think differently than you.

You are not fighting for democracy, because otherwise you would not carry out an ethnic cleansing of right-wing voices from accepted spaces for expressing public opinions. You expelled right-wing journalists from the Haaretz newspaper and the army radio station, you have placed sieges on the homes of Knesset members, you are trying to ruin the only right-wing tv station, Channel 14, ruining conferences highlighting right-wing representatives, turning professional unions into political ones. Should I continue?

And above all, you are not fighting for democracy because you have forgotten what it is to be brothers. You are ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. To slander Israel abroad, to call for halting investments in Israeli companies, to wish for the downgrading of your country’s credit rating (yours? Yes??!) and above all to hurt your friends, your brothers, whether they serve with you in the IDF reserves, or study Torah in the Jewish communities, like Mea Shearim .

The collegial feeling you have towards foreigners who dress like you in New York or London is seven times greater than the feeling you have towards your ultra-Orthodox brothers.

Spoiler alert – this kinship with non-Jewish foreigners, more than your fellow Jewish brethren, will not help you in the next antisemitic attack, just as assimilation,or appeasing our host countries throughout history, did not help our ancestors in the past.

So with your permission I will now retire from trying to make a difference and bring us together. I will never get back the close friends I lost due to my insistence on voicing my opinion. I will continue to watch channel 14, the channel that does not incite anymore than the left-wing media channels that you watch, but is rooted in something that you have turned away from, what’s that rude word? Ah. Zionism.

And spare yourselves from attacking me as a Netanyahu/Messianic/Lost soul. I’m not here on facebook anymore.

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