An up close look at the devastation caused by Hamas terror fires

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas terrorism is only growing. The devastation that has been caused by Hamas terror fires will leave you shocked. The whole world needs to see the damage.

Hamas Terrorism

Hamas has been terrorizing Israel for years and years. In their recent wave of terrorism, they have sent protestors to the border with knives and burning tires. That grabbed the world’s attention! But not in the way that would be rational. Somehow, Israel was blamed for defending itself against these violent terrorists. The media portrayed the situation as if the Israeli soldiers defending the border were murderers. But that is just false.

Hamas Fire Kites

Another form of recent terrorism has been Hamas’s fire kites and balloons. Those objects are supposed to be kid-friendly toys. And instead, Hamas has been using them to terrorize Israelis and burn their land. The terrorists have destroyed over 7,500 acres of land. And it will take 50-100 years to rebuild what was lost. That is an entire lifetime! Where is the outcry? Why won’t the media tell you about the devastation that Hamas, a TERRORIST organization, has caused for Israel?

All the environmentalists out there should be protesting the destruction. Why are they silent?

The Damage

Take a look at the damage. The images will leave you feeling lost. The beautiful greenery destroyed. Hamas terrorism destroyed everything that farmers built up. The terrorists destroyed all the food that the farmers grew. Hamas scorched and burned Israeli land with their fire kites and balloons, which the world claims are “innocent.” See the destruction. There is certainly nothing innocent about it. It is foolish to claim otherwise.

But despite all of this, Israelis have still not lost hope. They remain strong and determined. And NOTHING will cause them to leave their land – the land that God gave to the Jewish people.


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