Bibi Netanyahu’s powerful message to every mother and father

by Avi Abelow

Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to tell every parent out there something important. Terrorists are attacking Israeli children with fire balloons. Flames are attached to what used to be a child’s toy and sent over from Gaza to harm these innocent children. You won’t hear the world’s outcry. Why is the world so silent? Regardless, PM Netanyahu has a powerful message for every parent, all around the world.

Kids Running to Shelters

Kindergarten Teachers practice running to the shelter every day with the kids. Here is one such practice session exhibited for some social media activists for Israel. So they could better understand the situation themselves, and be able to better explain and show to their audiences.

Gaza Rocket Terror

Hamas began shooting rockets on Southern Israel back in 2004. There have been three wars with Gaza since then to stop the attacks on Israel from Gaza. Residents of Southern Israel have been living with the reality of rockets and running to shelters for fourteen years now. Every few years, after one of the Israeli military operations, the rockets stop and the residents get to enjoy living regular lives without the threat of running to shelters. The last Gaza war, Operation Protective Edge back in 2014, stopped the rocket attacks until a few months ago. They had four years of quiet. And now the rocket attacks have returned.

The day is fast approaching when Israel will have to go into Gaza once again and stop the rocket attacks. We just hope that the next operation is the final one, and puts a total stop to the Arab terror against Israel from Gaza.

In the meantime, PM Netanyahu is sharing this powerful message for parents around the world.

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