Secretary Pompeo’s speech to the Iranian-American community that blew everyone away

by Phil Schneider

Can the clock be turned back in Iran? It may be hard to believe this, but Iran may very well become a modern western country in future decades.

Pandering to Terror

Under the Obama administration, the Iranian government became more dangerous every year.  The “deal” that was cut with the Iranian leadership was very controversial.  Then-candidate Trump lambasted the agreement and pledged to abolish the agreement.  Indeed, he did walk back the United States from this agreement in order to walk away from pandering to terror.

Nation Rebuilding

In general, it is very difficult to redefine a country or a nation.  But that is what the United States has worked on doing in Iraq.  Will it succeed?  Probably not.  Are President Trump and Secretary Trump now trying to rebuild Iran?  It sure looks like it.

In Secretary Pompeo’s speech, he basically made it clear that if the moderate forces in Iran will stand up against the Iranian leadership, the US will have their back.  This is a very bold statement.  It is the exact opposite of what Barack Obama did when the Iranians began to protest.  He basically stayed mum.  That was the worst thing he could do.

There may very well be a majority in Iran who will stand up and turn Iran back to the modern Western-oriented country it was in the 60’s and 70’s.


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