Tortured Yazidi slaves speak up after finally being freed

by Leah Rosenberg

This Yazidi women deserves all of our respect. She was a slave for four years, sold from man to man, in the Islamic State.


The Yazidis are monotheists, believing in God as creator of the world, combining aspects of several religions including Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. They are a Kurdish-speaking people, indigenous to the Middle East. They number less than one million worldwide.

Throughout their history, the Yazidis have been persecuted as infidels by Muslim rulers who demanded that they convert.

The persecution under the Islamic State was deadly.

Together with the Christians, the Yazidi people were forced from their homes, murdered, and sold into slavery. They were one of the most persecuted people under the Islamic State.

Massacre at Mount Sinjar

One of the more well known stories of the Islamic State persecution of the Yazidis was the siege of Mount Sinjar. More than 100,000 Yazidis fled their homes to take refuge on Mount Sinjar.  Those men who didn’t make it up the mountain were rounded up and massacred by the Islamic State militants. The Islamic State then laid siege to the mountain, stranding the Yazidis up there with no food or water. Thousands of Yazidis were either executed and thrown into pits, or died of dehydration, injuries or exhaustion on the mountain. The world did little to help save the helpless Yazidi people on Mount Sinjar.

Sex Slaves

While tens of thousands of Yazidis were murdered by the Islamic State, they took many of the women as sex slaves for the ISIS fighters. It was an organized and institutionalized rape program, where they took girls over eight years old and turned them into sex slaves. Bought and sold from one Muslim to another. This lasted for years.

After four years as a sex slave in ISIS, this freed Yazidi girl is now dedicated to help free other Yazidi girls still in captivity.

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