Two Gaza Terrorists Shoot at IDF Soldiers and Get Blown Up by IDF Tank Fire

by Avi Abelow

This was the third shooting incident from Gaza in less than a month. This time an IDF tank immediately shot and killed the terrorists.

Third Shooting

The Gaza terrorists shot from a Hamas post in the Gaza strip. Thankfully, this time no IDF soldiers or innocent Israelis were injured in the shooting attack. On July 20 Staff Sgt. Aviv Levi was killed by a Gaza. sniper and the following day there was a shooting incident at an IDF jeep.

This is in addition to the daily arson terror attacks that have burned down thousands of acres of Israeli agriculture land and nature reserves.

What Ceasefire?

Interestingly enough, this is taking place while outside parties are trying to establish a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. The problem is all ceasefires with Hamas result in Israel ceasing and Hamas continuing to fire.

Most Israelis do not understand why Israel does not finish off Hamas and end their terror. While that is one of the options the government is considering, it is the least desired option. The Israeli government sees the Northern border, with Iran in Syria, as an extremely dangerous situation. Due to that situation, they prefer a ceasefire with Hams instead of engaging in a full military offensive to end the terror. The fear is that if Israel starts a military offensive against Hamas, then Iran will unleash a blitz of violence from Syria and Lebanon, where Hizbullah has over 100,000 long-range missiles aimed at Israel. This is a much more dangerous situation than the arson terror attacks and periodic sniper attacks from Hamas in Gaza. Hence the hesitancy in beginning the necessary military offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

Despite the talks, however, Israeli officials are pessimistic. The Security Cabinet announced today that “the IDF is ready for any eventuality,” but that no decision was reached and chances of an agreement are considered minimal. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was said to have expressed doubts that any long-term agreement could be reached with Hamas.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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