The world needs to know what Israel is doing in Nigeria

by Leah Rosenberg

Nigerian children are deprived of a proper education. Israel is changing that. Combining technology and education, they are giving hope to those in need.

Nigerian Children

Tens of millions of Nigerian children, over 60 million, are deprived of a proper education. Many are not even getting a basic one. Without a proper education, where will their future take them? But thanks to Israel, these children’s futures are looking brighter.

Israel has chosen a path of kindness. They want to help children and people all over the world, even though these children are not their own and these people are not from their country. For Israel’s 70th birthday, Israel’s embassy in Nigeria began an unbelievable project. Their goal: to encourage self-learning. Israel combined technology with education to help promote this idea. The project showed results during its term. Real changes are happening for these children!

Israel’s ambassador to Nigeria, Guy Feldman, said, “The relations between Israel and Nigeria is where innovation meets hope.”

Israel is Bettering the World

Not only has Israel helped Nigerian children, but they have helped others all over the world. The beauty of Israel is that they don’t discriminate. Even more than that, they choose to help those who have no connection to them. Because all human life matters. Israelis even help their enemies sometimes. How many countries can say that?

Israel is really doing whatever they can do to better the world. But it’s ignored. How many say thank you? Furthermore, they get criticized. For everything.

But Israel continues to help those in need anyway.

They are truly a light unto the nations!


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