Israeli volunteers are changing the world, and it will bring you to tears

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli volunteers are changing lives all over the world. It’s so amazing, but the media won’t show you this beautiful side of Israel.

Israeli Volunteers

You might not know it, but Israel sends volunteers all over the world and saves more lives than you could ever imagine. Why? Because Israel is a light unto the nations. The Jewish people want to help. That is how the nation of Israel was taught and raised. And why wouldn’t you know that? Well, for some reason, the media likes to vilify Israel. Despite its constant contributions, Israel is always portrayed in a negative light. The U.N. does it, the media does it, universities do it – the entire world has something against Israel. People need to know the truth. There is a phrase “The truth hurts.” But in this case, the truth doesn’t hurt. In fact, it’s actually A LOT better than the lies!

CBN Documentary

There is a new CBN documentary called “To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World.” It’s about 5 different Israeli organizations and what they do to improve lives all over the world. Even more than improving lives, Israel also saves lives. Whether it’s poverty stricken Uganda or the refugees fleeing Syria, Israel is there to help.

Israel Doesn’t Discriminate

Israel doesn’t care whether someone is a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, or a person of any other faith and religion. They help anyone in need – no questions asked. They even help injured Syrians on the border, despite Syria being an enemy country.

Regarding helping others, one volunteer said, “I think that God wants me here. I think that it’s not only our privilege, but our duty.”

When the media starts showing the world the true face of Israel, maybe things will change. Maybe peace can come when people understand what Israel is doing for the world.

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