Israelis Run for Shelter During A Night of Rocket Attacks from Gaza, Again

by Avi Abelow

Last night our phones were buzzing with rocket alerts in the middle of the night. Hamas launched around 50 rocket attacks on Southern Israel last night. Israelis got out of their beds, half asleep, to run for shelter.

Hamas Rockets on Israel

Israel Retaliates and Attacks Hamas Targets in Gaza

What Happened

Last night, Hamas fired around 50 rockets from Gaza at Southern Israel’s civilian communities, deliberately targeting the men, women and children who live there.Last night, Hamas fired no less than 45 rockets from Gaza at Southern Israel’s civilian communities, deliberately targeting the men, women and children who live there.

What would your country do if a rocket was fired at your civilian population? How long would your country endure having your civilian population having to run for shelter day or night? The right to self-defense is self-evident, except when it comes to Israel and the Jews.

The nations of the world should be calling for unequivocal condemnation and giving Israel full support to do everything to stop these attacks, whether with rockets, firebomb kites or whatever weapons they use. But they don’t.

Hamas understands that the world doesn’t care that they are attacking Israel to kill innocent civilians. Just last week the United Nations voted on a resolution on Gaza that ONLY condemns Israel. No mention of Hamas and their responsibility for attacking Israel. The nations of the world give Hamas a free pass!

Next time you hear the media report about peaceful protests in Gaza, remember these Hamas rocket attacks. This is Gaza. This is the part of the violent campaign we in Israel are up against. The “peaceful” protests are just part of their pr campaign to whitewash their violence, and shield the terrorists.

Muslim Lies about Last Night

Apparently, according to the Gazans, Israel has no right to self-defense in order to protest Israelis from indiscriminate attacks. They either ignore the Hamas rocket attacks or call our counter-attack disproportionate. Gazans are lucky, we are Israel and not Russia or the USA. Russia or the USA, like most countries in the world, would retaliate by wiping out Gaza to finally put a stop to the Hamas terror. They wouldn’t tolerate their populations having to run for shelter every few nights.

Arab Incitement
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