The most talented music couple just composed a song that you can’t get enough of!

by Leah Rosenberg

Meet Yonina, which stands for Yoni and Nina – the most talented music couple you will ever listen to! Check out their incredible new song!

Gifted Music Couple

Some people can sing, and some people can REALLY sing! Yonina, or Yoni and Nina Tokayer, are unbelievable musicians and singers. They compose original songs but can also beautifully sing tunes from famous artists like The Beatles. This original song called “Shir Shel Boker” or “Morning Song” is so good you won’t be able to stop listening.

Lyrics Translated – Beginning

I am grateful for the kindness and the beauty,
for the mornings and the innocence,
for the story that you wrote me, and that I will write
every morning from the beginning.
I am grateful for the sunrise: simple and beautiful,
for Ashira waking me up.
Grateful that beyond this body, is my soul, pure and free. Grateful for yesterday and all that awaits me today, for bringing me to this point in time,
for your great faith in me, that I can always start over,
for the good that you planted within me, and for all that is missing
so that I can still learn,
for the story you wrote me, and that I will write
every morning from the beginning.


For returning my soul to me with mercy.
Your faith in me is great.


Thank you also for the pain, for giving me a heart
To feel everything strongly, to be able to love, to be disappointed And to get up again and try and dream another day.
I thank you for all the good you have given me
For all the people who accompany me
For the smile of our little one, for every single breath
I thank you.

How good does it sound to give thanks to God?

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