ELECTION 2020: “No Question that Joe Biden is the China Candidate”

by David Mark

Assuming Biden can hold off President Trump’s election challenges, historians will look back at this point in time as the moment when the Chinese Communist Party was able to overtake the USA as the main hegemonic power in the world.

There is almost no doubt now that the coronavirus or COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan virology lab. After all, that lab was dedicated to the research of coronaviruses. The only real question was whether the China Virus was purposely leaked from the lab or whether it was a careless worker. None of that matters, because the CCP actions, after they found out about the break out of COVID-19, indicates that they used the breakout to help crash the Western World and ultimately President Trump.

Think about it. President Trump had growing approval due to his tough stance on China as well as positive economic numbers. Beijing understood that if they had to deal with another four years of President Trump then the USA would be able to stall the Chinese Communist Party’s advance.

The China Virus became the perfect weapon against Trump and ultimately was the single most potent tool of the parochial class, the corporate media, and Big Tech in taking down Trump. One does not need to go far in seeing Big Tech’s partnership with their Chinese counterparts as well as corporate media’s control over the public narrative as a viable mechanism for permanently dispatching of the MAGA movement.

“I’ve held the view for so many years and continue to hold the view that a rising China is a positive development.”

Joe Biden

With Joe Biden as president, the Chinese Communist Party will have complete control over White House Policy. Expect the pressure on China to ease and a return to the days when American blue collar workers saw their jobs flow overseas. CCP backed “President” Biden will have no interest in challenging China on Hong Kong or protecting Taiwan or even Japan. In fact, Chinese policy against nuclear armed India will be more brazen than it already has.

How pro-China is Biden? Well in 2011 Biden said, “I’ve held the view for so many years and continue to hold the view that a rising China is a positive development.”

As recently as 2019, Biden praised China and said, “We should do more to help China.”

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s potential National Security Advisor was noted as saying that China’s rise is a foreign policy success.

He said the following in full remarks: “We helped create the conditions of stability and security in East Asia that allowed China to have this remarkable economic rise. So that it’s rising, in a way, is not the failure of American foreign policy; it’s the success of creating those stable conditions.”

To further support accusations of Biden’s relationship with China, Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson co-chairs of the Senate’s Finance and Homeland Security committees added more evidence to their Sept. 23rd report on the Biden family financial connection to CCP run China. New records “confirm the connections between the Biden family and the communist Chinese government, as well as the links between Hunter Biden’s business associates and the Russian government,”the senators stated. The original report can be viewed here.

With Biden at the helm, the USA will effectively become a client state for the Chinese Communist Party.

Country’s are conquered from within. The 2020 Elections are a lesson on how decades of subterfuge, kick backs, and cultural malaise ultimately takes its toll even on the strongest of republics. 2020 can be seen in many ways, but it is ultimately the year that at the end the CCP won.

Dr. Risch

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