Investigative journalist reveals how the media manipulates millions of Americans

by Phil Schneider

The media used to be the vehicle to receive the news, the facts. Today, special interest groups, big money, and all kind of other powerful people have become the dominant forces in the media. And the media has become more and more a left-wing tool for spreading propaganda.

Sharyl Attkinson explains that there are narratives that are repeated again and again by masses of people in the media. The storyline is defined first, and then the facts need to be bent in order to fit in with the story. So, for example, a controversial figure like Donald Trump will not be praised even when he surprises the entire world with a massive initiative of peace in the Middle East between Israel and multiple Arab countries. But since the “narrative” is one that doesn’t allow for positive reporting on anything President Trump accomplishes. Therefore, there are multiple tactics employed by those pushing a specific narrative. One is to minimize the story, so that it seems like an inevitability that had little to do with the Trump administration. The story is treated like it’s a minor advancement for peace. Worse still, the treaties are criticized for ignoring the plight of the “Palestinians” in the agreements. Instead of questioning whether or not the pro-“Palestinian” narrative has been wrong all along, the facts are bent in order to fit the narrative.

But there is a more powerful tactic employed. The tactic of completely ignoring a story. This is particularly effective, because it is harder to criticize coverage if there is no coverage at all. Obviously, during critical times such as elections, this is used widely. The best example of this is the Hunter Biden controversy. The media silence on the issue was particularly powerful, and enabled Joe Biden to not have to respond to grilling questions about potential corruption.

All of this is complicated by the powerful big-tech companies that have practiced widespread censoring. The war of ideas is now more of a struggle than any other time in history, and the slant to the left is enormously dominant. Sheryl’s killer line is: “Anything that can be bought, purchased, or impacted is being bought, purchased, and impacted to influence our opinions.” For more Articles by Sharyl Attkinson, Click Here

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