The most racially abused minority in America is being told it’s “a joke”

by Leah Rosenberg

So, who is the most racially abused minority in the United States of America? Well, it’s not who the media makes it out to be.

Most Racially Abused Minority in the US

The most racially abused minority in the free country of America is not Muslims. No, Islamophobia is not the issue. It is not Blacks. It is not Hispanics or Asians. In fact, it is the Jewish people. Jews are being targeted by a landslide. And there are those antisemites and self-hating Jews who want to say it is “a joke?” That it is “grossly exaggerated?” What horrific things to say!

And it is not even only just in America that Jews are targeted. Just take a look at the United Nations. Israel is attacked there more than any other country – more than countries who actually kill their own people and abuse human rights on a daily basis.

Is that also a joke and isn’t really true that Israel is targeted at the UN? Is that also just exaggerated?

The Jews Remember but do Not Sulk in Suffering

It is truly horrendous to claim that the Jewish people “keep the Second World War going.” The reason Jews remember is to stop something like the Holocaust from ever happening again. The importance of remembering is so that the memories of those who were murdered are kept alive. Jews and non-Jews alike must remember. It is not a matter of sulking in the suffering and not allowing it to pass. In fact, Jews moved on. They continued to live despite the tremendous amount of unimaginable suffering. They did not stand around and stay in refugee camps or the like. They rebuilt. They created.

It is alarming and chilling that just 75 years after the Holocaust, nearly two thirds of young adults in America have no idea that 6 million Jews were slaughtered in WWII.

People have not only forgotten, but they seem to have never known to begin with.

Motivation for Terror
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