Why even atheists should care about freedom of religion

by Leah Rosenberg

The first Amendment is under threat. Freedom of religion is being challenged. And for those who aren’t religious, this threatens them too.

Freedom of Religion

The right to freedom of religion is written in the Constitution. In fact, it is so important that it is found in the first Amendment. It is even the first freedom in the first Amendment! That is how crucial it is for living a free life. Some Americans today do not seem to grasp the importance of this very first freedom in the Constitution.

People need to be able to practice their religion in their own way. People need to be allowed to associate with whatever religion they want to associate with. But that is being put into question today. It is being challenged and threatened. And this video shows us how.

The Threat to the First Amendment

This is not only about freedom of religion. This is about freedom in general. The points brought up in this video are based on history and facts. Taking away the freedom to worship how one wants results in the removal of other freedoms as well. As Kelly Shackelford said, “There is no example in history of a regime suppressing religious freedom and not suppressing other freedoms.” Do people realize that?

America is not supposed to be a country without freedoms. It is a country that was specifically built upon individual rights and freedoms that should never be taken away. The founding fathers put it in the Constitution because they knew that without that as one of the founding principles, the result would be totalitarianism and tyranny. The result would be complete oppression.

There are those anti-Americans living in America who are physically and metaphorically trying to remove all marks of religion in America. And it is extremely frightening.

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