Democrats reject Constitution in response to Trump’s plan for SCOTUS seat

by Leah Rosenberg

What happened to the importance of the Constitution? Upholding it should not be about politics; it should be about defending America.

Defending the Constitution

How can it be that the Democrats hate President Trump so much that they will not even allow him to do his constitutional duty? How can it be that they no longer care about the Constitution and America? Where is the respect for the founding fathers?

This situation should cause an uproar on both sides of the political spectrum. No matter who you want or do not want to be president, everyone should defend the Constitution. Everyone should defend the values that America was founded upon. And whoever does not should most definitely not be serving the American people in government.

Too Radical

Even some Democrats think that what is happening is too radical. For example, senator of Virginia Tim Kaine does not believe that the way the radical Democrats are acting is proper.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said it best: “That’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats. We fight to protect the system, we fight to protect the Constitution, when Democrats say outright we are going to blow up the entire system because we do not get our way.”

That is not an extreme statement. We have seen the reality of it. It is a frightening reality. It is an America no one could have ever imagined.

Wake up to what is happening. If something does not change soon, the damage to the system will only get worse.

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