Democrats are mortified by the video that’s going viral

by Leah Rosenberg

Democrats are trying to stop this video from going viral, but the truth has been exposed. When you see it all together like this, it is beyond frightening.

Democrats Want Violent Uprisings

The Democrats have encouraged violence over the years. You can claim it is not true, but your claim would be based on nothing but emotion. If you want the facts, they are in this video. It is on camera. The Left has even called for the murder of President Trump. That is just immoral. You do not need to agree with the president. You may even claim that he has done nothing good for the country – which is completely false. But to call for the murder of the president? To call for the murder of someone you disagree with?

And then there are the top Democratic politicians. People like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. These people are calling for violent uprisings. No one should be shocked that rioters have destroyed and murdered. It is exactly what Pelosi and Biden promoted.

If the far Left cares about American values, they will stop encouraging violence. They will start condemning it. They will stop blaming President Trump for everything, especially when they are the ones encouraging the violence, and it is in THEIR cities that such horrendous violence is taking place.

The Media is Guilty, too

It is not only politicians who are guilty of encouraging violence. It is not only the Hollywood actors. The media might even be the most guilty because they broadcast everything to the world. They brainwash viewers to believe whatever they say. They trick people into believing that what they say is truth when in fact, it’s the farthest thing from it.

The media makes you believe that you have to hate President Trump and love Black Lives Matter. They don’t tell you that BLM and Antifa are Marxist organizations with violent values and that they are looking to take over America. They don’t tell you that you will lose every opportunity America has to offer if you continue supporting these terrorists.

They just don’t tell you the whole story.

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