Trump blamed for Leftist violence in their own Leftist states

by Phil Schneider

Their is logic to the argument that President Trump’s response to the coronavirus epidemic has been disorganized and not coherent. President Trump famously declared that the coronavirus was overrated and would just fade away. That was an idiotic statement that should be used against him by his opponents. Their were no major scientists at the time who agreed with that statement, but he refused to accept the supremacy of scientists from the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. He relied on his own hunches. After all, they have served him well in business. So, according to his logic, it should serve him well in other matters too. But, this is flawed non-logic. And of course, since his hunch was right on stopping flights from China early-on, why not continue to rely on hunch?

The best thing that President Trump has done against the coronavirus was to gather the best minds into the White House and to manage it as best as possible with the Dr. Faucis and Dr. Birx’s of the world. But he didn’t stay the course, and didn’t allow them to coordinate the best plan for moving forward with the governors and mayors. Therefore, the response became very political instead of being a non-partisan issue. This is his fault and the fault of Democratic Governors who have built up so much mistrust in the past few years, that nearly nothing can be non-partisan in today’s environment.

But all of the above relates to the epidemic. As to the protests and riots in the streets, President Trump has been correct in his scaremongering. In nearly every case, the riots have taken place under the watch of Democratic Governors and Mayors who are weak on crime. It is not merely Joe Biden or Kamala Harris who are weak on crime, but nearly the entire Democratic party. They are weak out of fear of alienating a significant part of the electorate – the anarchists, progressives, and Black Lives Matter supporters. It is indeed true that in the coming election, the key issue will be what the streets of our cities will look like. The coronavirus treatments and vaccines will almost definitely reach a point where people are confident that the end is in sight. But the riots will continue and the suburbs of all major cities will be filled with people who never wanted to vote for Donald Trump, but will hold their nose and pull the lever for him in order to make sure their real estate value doesn’t plummet due to Democratic weakness against Black Lives Matter radical mobs.

Motivation for Terror
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