CNN and MSNBC lie to Americans as the country burns

by Phil Schneider

Michael Knowles and Ben Shapiro speak more clearly than anybody else about what this is all about. There may indeed be thousands of people who are protesting properly against police injustice to the African American population. This is not a new issue – it has been around for many decades. But there is one basic problem here. The protesters and the looters are NOT one and the same.

It’s just sort of a “merry caravan,” it’s entirely peaceful. So said the CNN reporter. Even graffiti and threats from the protesters are not coined as violent by CNN. But the fact remains that when people break windows, loot stores, and burn down buildings, they are doing evil. They are criminals – it has nothing to do with the first amendment. To call the United States a “failed social experiment” is completely wrong. To call the criminal justice system “failed,” is a completely wrong and unappreciative perspective. The United States, as opposed to so many other countries, is well aware that some social issues are still imperfect. But that is not a sign of the problem with America – it shows how healthy America is.

The big problem now is that the looters and rioters don’t care about anything but free things and blaming everyone for whatever personal problems they have. Personal responsibility has been tossed out in many communities across America. The rioters and looters are not the net result of years of racism. They are the result of years of abdication of responsibility by parents of their children. They are the net result of the radicalization of the progressive left who will do anything – yes, anything – to bring down Donald Trump. It must be said that Donald Trump is no saint either. The fuel for the demonstrators – not rioters – is definitely the goal to bring down President Trump. But the rioters and the looters are not the same people as the demonstrators. And as long as police are the problem, and not part of the solution, we are not going in the direction of improving justice in the world. We are taking a major step backwards.

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