Killer of Trump Supporter in Washington Shot Dead By Federal Officers

by Micha Gefen

President Trump injection of Federal Law Enforcement into the country’s fight against terrorist group and insurrectionists ANTIFA scored a huge win as they shot suspected domestic terrorist Michael Reinoehl.

Reinoehl admitted to VICE News to the targeted killing of a Trump supporter in Portland last Weekend. While he fled to Washington, the Federal Officers shot him dead when he resisted arrest by taking out his gun.

President Trump has been trying to find a way to put down Oregon and Washington State’s growing insurrection without activating the Insurrection Act.

The President has recently deputized the law enforcement in those States allowing for Federal forces to enter the fray and take out ANTIFA terrorists in hopes that once they are gone, the riots and insurrection that has been non-stop in the North West will quiet down.

Reinoehl was a major leader of ANTIFA in the North-West. However, since ANTIFA is not centralized, it will be hard to shut down the uprising as fast as Trump hopes.

Despite that, ANTIFA has been put on watch. The Feds do not have to answer to the ANTIFA and BLM backing Governors in those states.

Motivation for Terror
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