Rockets on Israel’s southern border sends residents running to shelters again

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s southern border was attacked by another Gaza rocket for the second time in less than a week. Can you imagine living like that?

Israel’s Southern Border

Residents on Israel’s southern border must always be aware of a potential red siren indicating a rocket attack. The elderly, parents, children, babies – everyone has to run to the nearest shelter. That is life for people living in southern Israel. But they don’t plan to leave. They are strong and know that Israel – ALL of Israel – belongs to the Jewish nation. And they are not leaving.

The thing is, even if no physical injuries are reported, damage is done. Firstly, in this case, to the warehouse. But aside from that, mental and emotional damage is done. And sometimes, that takes longer to heal.

Hamas has turned Gaza into a terror zone. So when Israel retaliates, they must retaliate hard to stop future attacks. The mainstream media might falsely claim that Israel attacks innocent “Palestinians,” but that is just not true. Israel does targeted attacks. They try their best to only destroy or kill the target that must be taken down. Most other countries would probably just destroy the entire Gaza. But Israel does not want innocent civilians being harmed.

If only the media reported the truth about Israel, maybe the world would have a different view.

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