Israel-Saudi Cooperation Is All About Iran

by David Mark

The now publicized first meeting between Saudi Crown Prince Muhamed bin Salman (MBS) and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu in Neom, Saudi Arabia is one of the most talked about geopolitical events of the week.

While I noted over at Israel Rising that the two leaders were most likely discussing their joint strategy for dealing with the incoming Biden administration, it is important to note that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s involvement could have meant that other more immediate reasons were also on the agenda.

With Walla’s report today that the IDF is now on ready status in case of a Trump decision to attack Iran before Biden takes over, the importance of Sunday’s meeting between the two leaders reaches new levels. There is one thing to discuss an alliance of sorts in the face of Biden’s coming moves in the Middle East, but there is a whole new level when strategizing for a possible war in the coming weeks.

If there is an attack by Trump before he leaves office, the meeting in Neom will be seen as a pivotal development in forming the bulwark against Iran’s retaliation and Biden’s incoming response.

To be honest, while an attack would be justified given the pro-Iran sentiments coming from the Obama retreads entering the Biden administration, President Trump would have to weigh the safety of American troops as well as a twist on his legacy visa vi setting up a war for an incoming President.

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