Canada snubs Israel at the UN in the most shameful way possible

by Leah Rosenberg

How hypocritical of Canada to do this to Israel at the UN. They support resolutions against Israel while promising never to do so.

Insulting Israel at the UN

Canada is part of the long list of those who vote against Israel at the UN; of those who vote for resolutions that favor “Palestinians” and hold a double standard against the Jewish people.

They promised never to single out Israel. But voting in favor of a resolution supporting the “Palestinian” right to self-determination does just that. There is already a resolution supporting the right of self-determination for ALL people. Why do the “Palestinians” get their own resolution? And who sponsored this? Syria, Venezuela, and North Korea. That just says it all. Those countries try to bring Israel down. And any resolution that they co-sponsor is of course going to be against the Jewish state.

How absurd it is that there have been 24 UN General Assembly country-specific resolutions already this year, and way more than half single out Israel. 17 of them, to be exact. That just shows that the UN is a joke and their goal is to get rid of Israel. They ignore all the real human rights issues of the world to target a tiny Jewish state that is democratic and treats all people equally. How ludicrous.

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