Brigitte Gabriel admits what no one else will about China

by Leah Rosenberg

Brigitte Gabriel is known to speak up and speak out. She is not afraid to say the truth. What she says here is crucial for Americans to hear.

Brigitte Gabriel’s Wake up Call

Wake up America. Wake up Americans. Stop relying on China for everything. True, maybe it is nice to rely on friends and allies. But China has proved that they cannot be trusted. They are definitely not a friend, and they are definitely not an ally.

As Brigitte Gabriel pointed out, before COVID-19, the United States relied on China for 97% of pharmaceuticals. That is an unbelievably high percentage. Most people probably are not aware of that statistic. It is almost too shocking to believe. Will this be something that can be changed overnight? Absolutely not. It will take years until the United States can make changes that can fundamentally shift things on this matter.

Is She Being Racist?

So, is Brigitte Gabriel being racist by calling for a boycott of Chinese products and more? Absolutely not! She is being practical. She is being smart. America needs to put itself first for protection and success. It is not a matter of racism. The reasons for supporting American companies and products is clear. Too many products and items in America say “Made in China.” Gabriel is calling on Americans to bring back “Made in America.”

We cannot trust that China will “have our backs” and continue to provide us with any essentials. Because honestly, they have proved they won’t.

The fact that China has withheld information about COVID-19, information that is crucial to overcoming this horrific disease, is enough proof that China is no friend. They even lied about the deaths in their own country! China is silencing its people!

Why would America want to support such a regime?

Americans Should Support America

Americans should want to support their own businesses. Being self-sufficient is vital, and America has the ability. Some people may not know or realize how reliant they are on China as individuals and as a country. But now you know. Now you can support American companies. It may sometimes be more inconvenient, but it is definitely worth it.

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