The Chinese scandal that has nothing to do with Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

For around 4 decades, the Communist threat that the world focused on was the Soviet threat. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist threat was largely ignored and viewed within the rubric of how it could be used as a counterbalance to the Soviet threat. But, now, things look different moving ahead. It seems that the Communist threat that we are facing and will face in the future is the economic threat that the cash-heavy Chinese Communist dictatorship poses to the world.

Ryan Mauro, of the Clarion Project elucidates that the Chinese threat is actually connected to professors and students in the United States who are involved in sharing and doing research along with Chinese research institutes. What Ryan explains is that the tentacles of the Chinese authorities are much more involved in what goes on in Universities all across America. Many of the largest endowments in many of the most influential Universities are from Chinese Universities.

Basically, a fundamental question needs to be asked. Are we in danger because of how connected our economy is to the Chinese economic empire? The answer seems to be yes – we are in danger. But what is unclear is to what extent we need to cut off from China? Does it need to be a full- scale economic war? Perhaps, it is only vital supplies that we need to cut off our connections with China. Perhaps we need to cut off even more. For now, we need to define the threat from China and then we can decide how to act.

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