IDF soldier gives the inside scoop of life inside a quarantine hotel

by Leah Rosenberg

When you think of an IDF soldier, you might picture them in their battle gear fighting a physical war. But they do so, so much more than that.

IDF Soldier in a Corona Hotel

IDF soldier and 1st Sgt. Rina, a reservist in the Home Front Command, shares with the world what it is like to be helping those quarantined at a hotel in Jerusalem which has become a “Corona Hotel.”

Rina gets up early.

She works hard.

And we should appreciate everything she does as well as all those who are doing similar things to help during this pandemic.

Rina is a hero. She has dedicated her time and energy to helping those with COVID-19. Everyone in the world is affected by this horrific virus. Whether a person has it, knows someone who has it, is being quarantined, is stuck at home, or is helping those with the virus, everyone has been impacted.

Fighting Corona Together

The message from Rina is clear: We must fight this together. That is how we will come out stronger; that is how we will beat this pandemic. No one could have imagined that something like this would happen. Rina probably never thought that one of her jobs in the army would be at a hotel housing Corona patients. But it happened. This is the situation. And Rina is proud to help those in need.

The way to get through these trying times is together, as Rina put it. It sounds simple, but being unselfish can be challenging. Following the restrictions, staying home, wearing masks – all those things can be difficult. But when some people decide they are above the law and are living above nature, then we cannot beat COVID-19. The only way to beat it is together.

Thank you to Rina and all the other IDF soldiers for helping fight the Coronavirus and for doing it with us, together.

Motivation for Terror
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