Hamas Hollywood tactics caught on tape again!

by Leah Rosenberg

Check out this acting! These “Palestinian” terrorists should receive an award at the Pallywood Emmy Awards. Absolutely absurd.

And the Pallywood Award Goes to…

Pallywood – “Palestinian” Hollywood. Manipulation. Fraud. Lies. This is just horrendous. There are no words. The fact that “Palestinians” fake injuries and fake being murdered to gain the attention of the world is repulsive. And furthermore, they have their children doing it too. Using children like that is abuse. Why does the mainstream media refuse to call out the “Palestinian” Arabs who do this?

The world has to stop falling for the lies. Western media needs to stop siding with the “Palestinian” Arabs. Israel is not a violent country! Israel does not attack or fight unnecessarily. They only use force when it is to protect innocent Israelis. It is the other side that goes on killing sprees.

The fact that in Gaza they need to pretend like Israel is attacking them should make everything clear. There is a makeup team, a camera crew, actors – Pallywood has got it down pat. And the world has fallen for it way, way too many times.

Are these the people Israel is expected to make peace with? If any other country was facing such an enemy, the world’s response would be different. But Israel is always blamed and targeted by the media. And it is time to say enough.

Arab Incitement
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