These Pallywood bloopers will have you on the floor laughing

by Phil Schneider

The only way to truly understand this video is if you slow down the speed to 50% of the normal speed. It is produced without the intent of showing things clearly. However, what it does accomplish is accurately portray the fact that alot of what is going on in Israel by the Arabs and the anti-Israel press is fiction. How does this happen? The key is to understand the role of much of the press in how they report the “facts” in the State of Israel.

The Pre-Packaged Narrative

More often than not, the story that is reported on by much of the press is known by the press before the story happens. The narrative that is so often regurgitated goes as follows: “The Israeli occupiers have ruthlessly taken over Arab land via acts of aggression – with no regard to the lives of the poor Arabs who have been denied their basic elementary human rights.” The Arabs have so little in this world that all they can use to protest are slingshots, and violent Israeli soldiers use live fire and kill them in a heartless manner.”

It doesn’t matter what actually happens if the narrative defines whatever story actually happens. The main goal of anti-Israel organizations is to deride and criticize Israel, so whatever fits the narrative gets reported from the angle that fits best, and whatever does not gets distorted.

The truth is that Israeli towns are terrorized by rich and corrupt European -union funded Arabs who pay young Arabs willing to risk their lives in order to earn a quick buck terrorizing Jews. The Arabs who terrorize Jews are usually treated by the best Jewish doctors afterwards for free and then returned to their families if they are underaged minors. The IDF uses tear gas and other crowd dispersing measures that do not kill, but scare away and drive away blood thirsty protesters who have every intention to kill. Therefore, they actually aren’t protesters but potential killers. The IDF probably should be more ruthless, but Israel goes the extra mile endlessly in order to preserve the lives of young anti-Israel Arabs. A gun that shoots tear gas sounds like a regular gun, but it is not a regular gun. So, in news reels, it looks heartless and ruthless, but it is actually a very effective and wise alternative to other choices of dispersing would-be terrorists.

Let’s see any of the media outlets reporting that.

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