This guy ROCKS Omar and Tlaib, calling them “moles” in the government

by Leah Rosenberg

People on the Left need to listen to what this Conservative black man has to say. He is brave. His voice matters. And what he says is SO accurate!

Brave Conservative Black Speaks Up

WOW! He says it so well. This is definitely a perspective that the media wants to silence!

The way that he addresses what Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are doing is perfect. He addresses so many points that many people will not. The way that Democrats are silent about what these antisemitic, anti-American congresswomen have done. The way these two “moles,” as he calls them, have tried to break the relationship between Israel and America.

Another Strong Voice

Candace Owens is another strong voice for the Conservative Black community. The Left wing community has tried to shun her and keep her voice silent as well but to no avail. She speaks up loudly and proudly.

These are perspectives that people need to know about. People need to know that not every Conservative is a person with a certain skin color or background. And it is definitely not a democratic thing to do to censor those who have different beliefs and principles.

Arab Incitement
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