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The Israeli missile that never misses its target


This Israeli missile is absolutely astounding! A missile that will never miss a target and do enough damage that it will completely destroy its target. It is a great shame that Israel needs one of these weapons.

Israeli Missile

Today we have smartphones, smart TVs, well Delilah is a smart Israeli missile. It is almost 3 meters long and weighs over 150 kilograms! That is some heavy machinery. Delilah is not launched from the ground like many other missiles but is launched from an aircraft.

Additionally, it also has a camera on the front which can be seen in the cockpit of the aircraft. This helps the pilot see the target it wants to hit and can redirect it, if necessary. This is good news as there it gives a higher chance of not hitting any civilian areas. It is also a missile that is easy to control abling the pilot to abort the attack if needed.

Why Does Israel Need This?

Israel is a Jewish state surrounded by many Arab countries. Many of these Arab countries wish to destroy Israel and the Jews living there. Israel needs missiles, like the Delilah in order to be prepared for attacks by its enemies. It is a shame that we live in a world where a country always needs to be prepared for war.

More importantly, Israel is a country who just wants to live in peace. It is heartbreaking that children are growing up in a world where they need to play near the nearest bomb shelter.

Finally, it is amazing the technology of the weaponry that Israel has invented. If there is a need for something it is bound to be invented in Israel. It is a country that is way ahead of the game. There are so many startups in Israel, inventing new technology all the time.