Ilhan Omar better watch out for THIS opponent running for Congress!

by Avi Abelow

Meet Lacy Johnson, Ilhan Omar’s opponent who is running for Congress against her. He actually cares about America and representing its values!

Running for Congress Against Omar

Lacy Johnson has had enough of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, as have many people. But he is doing something about it. Many people want to make a change, but they do not know how. Or maybe they just do not have the courage.

Although Johnson has not previously been involved in politics, he is standing up for himself, his hometown, and all Americans. It does not matter that he is not a politician. Because what is happening right now with Ilhan Omar as the representative is not good for Minneapolis or America.

Why Don’t Others Realize?

Why do some people still not realize the extreme threat that Omar poses to America and its allies? As Johnson said, “I’m impatient with Ms. Omar, who focuses on the past of America in a negative way. Who shows and speaks with such disrespect for our country – refusing to acknowledge the tremendous progress we’ve made since our founding.” Why would anyone want someone like Ilhan Omar to represent them as an American if she does not even like America? Lacy Johnson goes on about all the things that Omar is against – and she is essentially against everything that America is! She does not speak highly of the country she represents, so maybe it is time she stopped representing it!

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