Miss Iraq has something to say to Ilhan Omar!

by Leah Rosenberg

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan is a Muslim herself. But she does not feel Ilhan Omar represents her. And she has the courage to say it out loud!

Former Miss Iraq

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan gained international publicity when her and Miss Israel posed together in a picture and put it on social media. Since then, she has spoken together with Miss Israel and spoken out in support of Israel. Her own people? Well, they threatened her life. She was forced to flee her home. Why? Simply for supporting peace. Her life was in danger for being a peaceful Muslim and having the courage to show it.

It is not easy to do what Idan did. And despite the risks, she STILL speaks out in support of Israel and against terrorism. And now she is speaking out against Ilhan Omar as well!

Idan Stands up to Ilhan Omar

Despite the fact that so many Americans cannot even see how dangerous Ilhan Omar is, Sarah Idan can. She sees right through her. She knows that Omar is a threat. After all, Ilhan Omar has made it clear that she supports Hamas – a terrorist organization – over Israel – a democratic and peaceful country. If a Muslim from Iraq can see how that is an issue, why can’t an American? Miss Iraq made it a point to mention that Congresswoman Omar never has stood up for Muslim women around the world who are persecuted by Sharia Law. She said, “But she will take her time to ask and demand the Egyptian government to release a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood…” Sarah Idan questions why Omar is giving voice to terrorists but not to Muslim women like herself.

Will AMERICANS have the courage to do what former Miss Iraq has done? Will they say what needs to be said? Or will they continue to remain silent as the threat within the American Congress grows bigger and bigger?

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