How the Left is trying to keep racism alive

by Leah Rosenberg

Aren’t we supposed to try to uproot racism and not ensure it stays alive forever? Well, sadly, the Left is keeping it strong. Candace Owens says it best.

Racism and the Left

Candace Owens has every right to say what she said. No one can claim she is a racist.

What she said should frighten people. Because it is true. Why are people trying to highlight racism that does not even exist? People use the excuse that because they are a certain skin color or religion, they are being oppressed. That there are those who treat them unfairly. But Owens lays down the truth. Playing the “Black Card” is ruining America.

Candace Says it Best

Everything that Candace Owens says in this video is spot on. Listening to the story of her grandparents and then her personal story is enlightening. But why is Owens the exception? Why are her own people questioning her just because she does not want to play the “Black Card?” It is ridiculous what so many are trying to do by keeping racism alive. If you cannot trust Owens on this issue, who can you trust?

It is time for people to start waking up to the truth. What is happening in America is just un-American. Candace Owens has had enough of so many using racism and the “Black Card” to manipulate people; to manipulate an entire country. Have you had enough of it as well?

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