After risking her life, Ms. Iraq visits Israel and shares important message with the world

by Avi Abelow

Ms. Iraq had her life threatened in Iraq because at the Ms. Universe contest in Las Vegas she took a picture with Ms. Israel. She had to leave Iraq and move to Los Angeles to escape the death threats she and her family were receiving. Last week Ms. Iraq visited Israel and spoke on stage together with Ms. Israel.

Her message was beautiful. She expresses how their purpose as Ms. Iraq and Ms. Israel is to be ambasadors of peace, to bridge their nations, regardless of the politics that divides us all. She not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk. She did not buckle under the pressure and threats to remove her picture with Ms. Israel. And she even took the drastic step of leaving Iraq, her homeland, and the country she represented at Ms. Universe.

At the end she gets political, mentioning the two state solution and the palestinian Arabs. But that is understandable even as we disagree with those political messages. As she continues to risk her life by maintainig a public friendship with an Israeli. As well as making this public visit to Israel, she has to save face in her native Arab/Muslim world.

Regardless, this woman has guts and strength. Peace will be achieved when the Muslim world acts and thinks like her, overthrowing the Muslim leaders who preach hatred and destruction of Israel and the Jews.

Meet Ms. Iraq and the story of how she met Ms. Israel.

Hear the story of her life being threatened in Iraq because of the picture

Ms. Iraq’s visit to Israel

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