Ambassador Friedman visits Nazareth and discovers something amazing

by Leah Rosenberg

Ambassador Friedman had heard that Nazareth was the high tech capital of the Israeli-Arab society. What he saw went beyond what he could have imagined.

Ambassador Friedman Visits Nazareth

Ambassador Friedman has accomplished many things so far during his time as ambassador. One accomplishment is going to visit Nazareth. He wanted to see for himself what this high tech city was like. He saw medical companies, jewelry companies, and much more. Places like this exist in Israel – places that have unity among Jews and Arabs. You might not hear about it often because news outlets are too busy trying to find stories to make Israel look bad. But this is what Israel is really all about. Israel gives opportunities to all types of people. They do NOT discriminate. The ambassador’s trip to Nazareth clearly shows that.

From the Ground Up

After visiting Nazareth, Ambassador Friedman saw how all these companies have Jews and Arabs working side by side. They get along and work well together. He said, “These problems get solved from the ground up.” Peace can come from people working together.

You would never know that Jews and Arabs work in harmony together. Why? Because the media doesn’t tell you. They make it seem like Israel is a constant war zone when in reality, it’s not. If you come visit Israel you will see the truth. It’s really that simple.

The country is so small that it is basically impossible to separate the Jewish and Arab populations.  The path to a better future is not based on separating the populations.  Things will improve when the radical elements of the Arab population see no point in terrorizing others and lose power.


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