IDF helps injured Arab in Hebron

by Leah Rosenberg

Hebron is often spoken of in the news as a place of clashes between Israelis and Arabs. But here is an IDF soldier helping an Arab.

Israel Doesn’t Discriminate

If someone is injured, Israel helps. This video shows an Israeli soldier helping an injured Arab in Hebron. How often do you have a country giving medical attention to someone who is considered an enemy? Israel’s moral standards go above and beyond. The media won’t tell you that. The world needs to see more of this side of Israel because this is the truth. Despite all the controversy and clashes that happen in Hebron, an Israeli soldier will still help an injured Arab. Israel doesn’t discriminate.

Helping Injured Syrians

Aside from helping Arabs within Israel, Israel also helps those who live in enemy countries. Israel has been helping injured Syrians for YEARS in what is called Operation Good Neighbor.

This is just another aspect that proves Israel does not want to harm anyone. Their goal is not to kill, hurt, or destroy anyone’s lives. They are forced to defend themselves against terrorists who try to harm their own civilians. Israel does not want to instigate ANY war. BUT the IDF will do anything to protect its people and its land. The world must understand that protecting oneself does not make someone evil – it makes someone human.

United Nations Human Rights Council

Despite all of Israel’s efforts to help even an enemy, somehow the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) still targets Israel and accuses them of human rights violations. You would think it’s a joke. Israel goes out of its way to protect the human rights of ALL people, and yet they are still criticized.

The focus on Israel has become ridiculous. Maybe when the world starts focusing on countries who ACTUALLY have human rights violations and NOT on Israel, there can be peace.


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